Blueberries from Gruža (BiG)

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, AgroNET – Center for Education and Research, and Gruža agrar

are jointly implementing the project

Modern Blueberry Cultivation Technology in Protected Areas for Sustainable Rural Development in Serbia

Blueberries from Gruža (BiG)

The project aims to establish technically and technologically improved blueberry production lines, specifically hydroponic cultivation, on the representative family farm of Miroslav Nikolić, a private entrepreneur in the village of Balosava, Knić. This functional model will be implemented using modern cultivation technology.

Based on scientific foundations, an economic analysis of the improved blueberry production line, including hydroponic cultivation, will be conducted. Additionally, a comparative analysis will be performed to compare this modern cultivation technology with the traditional methods of blueberry cultivation on agricultural farms in Serbia.

Based on the analysis of the current business situation, the successful model can be applied to other agricultural farms to improve their operations. The project will specifically showcase hydroponic cultivation and the advantages it brings compared to traditional blueberry cultivation methods. By presenting a representative model of successful blueberry cultivation using modern technology, agricultural farms will become familiar with the cultivation techniques, clear production costs, and expected profits. This information will provide them with the necessary parameters to make informed decisions about starting blueberry cultivation.

To disseminate knowledge and information to other participants in the vertical value chains, a workshop will be organized. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with modern blueberry cultivation technology in protected areas through practical examples. They will also be able to ask questions and receive practical advice from lecturers and the producer on-site.

To promote and present the project, at least two events will be held. One event will take place at the agricultural fair – Agro Belgrade in Belgrade, where a brochure consolidating all the relevant information for improving blueberry production will be promoted. The second event, the final project meeting, will be held at the selected representative agricultural farm involved in the project’s implementation. During this event, the final results of the project will be presented, and the study “Analysis of the Economic Effects of Improving Blueberry Production in Serbia” will be showcased.

The project was obtained through a public competition by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management.