About us

AgroNET – Center for Education and Research was founded in October 2018 and gathers experts from various professions and profiles, primarily from the University of Belgrade – FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE.
The goal of AgroNET is top quality applied and development research in the field of agriculture, food technology, agro-economics, environmental protection, sustainable development and capacity development of all participants in the economic life of Serbia, as well as international recognition and recognition of its research and results in the areas that engages. AgroNET aims to become a leading center for education and research in the Western Balkans that offers the most modern knowledge and skills for practice.
The education program is implemented with the support of USAID’s Contemporary Economy Project.


/ Carrying out development, research and professional projects that contribute to increasing the competitiveness of economic entities and a better life for people;

/ Promoting the importance of continuous education and the importance of research and innovation for the progress of the individual and the community as a whole;

/ Education of producers of the agricultural and food sector, raising the level of knowledge about EU technical regulations, creating conditions for easier placement of products on the EU market, as well as other markets;

/ Organized work and initiatives in the field of education for all levels of education and permanent improvement of both experts and users, especially managers;

/ Business support to the food and beverage industry through preparation for successful business in the EU market and other markets;

/ Promotion of Serbian brands, raising competitiveness, business connections, presentation of manufacturers’ product ranges;

/ Promotion of traditional products and agritourism;

/ Influence on the development of intellectual property in the domain of support for planning corporate resources and resources of other participants in economic life and management of knowledge resources, as a basis for the success of business entities of the future;

/ Active contribution to the development of business communications, as a prerequisite and factor for business success and survival in the increasingly demanding conditions of market competition;

/ Active contribution to achieving cooperation with similar associations in the country and the world.


Our team recognizes that for success in the domestic and regional markets, as well as in the world markets, business entities must be able to deliver an innovative or higher quality product more efficiently than their competitors.
We are of the opinion that there is a connection between competitiveness at the level of the business entity and the sector, as well as that the sustainability of the eventual initial success of the company can be achieved if the efficiency of operations is played out through all levels of the value-creating chain: suppliers, producers, processors and customers, as well as support services and enabling environments.
We believe that only through permanent education and monitoring and adoption of new knowledge can the capacity in all segments of new value creation be increased. Only through an efficient system of knowledge transfer in the entire agricultural sector, with reliance on ICT technologies, can we significantly contribute to the development of the economy in this sector and encourage exchange of skills and resources to improve product quality by establishing common production standards.
If we build the system on these foundations, it will ensure that all activities are directed towards the market, which will contribute to economic impact and sustainability. And finally, we believe that if we successfully create a model of knowledge transfer in the agricultural sector, which in itself is a comparative advantage of Serbia, and which must respond to the needs of economic entities /it is created according to the needs of the industry, not according to what the scientific institution considers necessary/, so as not to sound pretentious, it can be applied to other sectors as well.