In cooperation with partner organizations, the AgroNET team provides
consulting services of the highest quality.
Our objective is to help farmers reach European standards in production and enable them to use grants from the EU and IPARD funds intended for the development of agricultural and food production.

We provide solutions in the following areas:

• Fruit and vegetable production (cultivar selection, cultivation in open
and protected areas, storage and marketing)
• Engineering in agriculture and concepts for mechanization on farms
• Financial consulting
We make:
• Pre-feasibility studies and plantation design as a basis for investment
• Feasibility studies (comprehensive technical and commercial studies)
• Bankable business plans

Training through specialized courses – training for companies can significantly improve business activities while saving both your and your employees’ time. Continuous improvement of business activities through a more efficient approach to certain business requirements and tasks is a need of all of us, and experience has shown that training in the work environment achieves significant results.
The most significant advantage of IN HOUSE training is that the knowledge is practical and tailored to the needs of your business activities, but also to the obligations of your employees. Before organizing the training, our team comes to you, gets acquainted with your requirements and wishes and together we analyze your needs. You will point out the particular problems you want to solve practically or the areas you want to improve.
Based on the identified needs, we will prepare the program according to your requirements and ensure that your employees acquire the missing knowledge in their work environment, with dynamics adapted to your business activities.