We believe that only through permanent education and monitoring and acquisition of new knowledge can the capacity in all segments of new value creation be increased.

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The Center for Education and Research is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in October 2018, which gathers experts from various professions and profiles, primarily from the University of Belgrade – FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE.


Organization of professional courses, meetings, counseling, seminars and other forms of education


Projects in the implementation phase


Company analysis and advisory services


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Digitalization of knowledge in agriculture

AgroNET is preparing a new activity in the context of modern trends and technological development.

We have created four video clips that we distribute through our YouTube channel. Click HERE  to view more.

In this way, AgroNET begins the process of Digitalization of knowledge in agriculture, which in the coming years should lead to the complete digitalization of knowledge, which would achieve the goal: “Knowledge available to everyone, 24/7”.