First specialist course created according to the needs of the fruit and vegetable production and processing industry

Thanks to the support of the USAID Competitiveness Project, in collaboration with the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Agriculture and UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center, USA, AgroNET – Center for Education and Research held the first specialist course from December 2nd to 7th, 2019, created according to the needs of the fruit and vegetable production and processing industry, with the topic “POSTHARVEST BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY COURSE.”

The course consisted of two parts: a theoretical-practical part held at the Science and Technology Park in Belgrade for a duration of 4 days, and industry visits carried out on the last 2 days of the course.

The opening ceremony of the course was addressed by the director of the USAID Competitiveness Project, Aleksandar Pavlović, the secretary of the Association for Plant Production of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Aleksandar Bogunović, and the director of AgroNET, Prof. Dr. Vlade Zarić. The Secretary of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Belgrade, Bogdan Mladenović, provided an overview of the course topics and content.

Click on the link to see a brief summary of the lectures and photos:

• Postharvest biology and nutritional characteristics of fruits and vegetables – Prof. Dr. Zora Dajić Stevanović

• Indicators of fruit and vegetable ripening and maturity – Dr. Mile Veljović

• Ethylene in ripening and maturation processes – Dr. Sonja Veljović

• Postharvest technology: current state and trends – Dr. Mile Veljović

• Storage systems: modern trends and advanced technologies – Prof. Dr. Olivera Ećim Đurić

• Group work / practical exercises – Prof. Dr. Đ. Moravčević, Prof. Dr. D. Radivojević, and Prof. Dr. T. Petrović

• Cocktail and socializing

• The importance of production conditions and methods for vegetable quality – Prof. Dr. Đorđe Moravčević

 • Factors in production that affect fruit quality – Prof. Dr. Dejan Đurović

• Harvesting systems for fruits and vegetables – Prof. Dr. Miloš Pajić

• Harvest and storage of pome and stone fruits – Prof. Dr. Dragan Radivojević

• Bulb and root-tuber vegetables – Prof. Dr. Đorđe Moravčević

• Quality management of small fruits during storage – Prof. Dr. Jasminka Milivojević

• Tomato, pepper, and leafy vegetables – Prof. Dr. Đorđe Moravčević

• Quality management of tropical fruits during storage (banana, lemon, oranges) – Dr. Sonja Veljović • Technology of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables – Doc. Dr. Saša Despotović

• Modern packaging methods – Prof. Dr. Tanja Petrović

• Cooling systems and temperature regimes after harvest – Prof. Dr. Olivera Ećim Đurić

• Challenges in logistics – Bojana Kuveljić

• Hygienic design of factories – Doc. Dr. Saša Despotović

• Modern preservation technologies – Dr. Mile Veljović

• Diseases of fruits and vegetables after harvest – Prof. Dr. Nataša Duduk

• Demonstration exercise – Prof. Dr. Ivana Vico and Prof. Dr. Nataša Duduk

• Dinner – Stara Kafana Restaurant

• Food safety, standards, and regulations – Prof. Dr. Nada Šmigić

• Innovative packaging for international markets – Nikica Marinković

• Digital marketing and brand development – Marina Redžić Radojičić

• Business plan development for companies – Needs, possibilities, limitations – Prof. Dr. Zorica Vasiljević

• Group work / practical exercise – Business plan development – Prof. Dr. Zorica Vasiljević and Doc. Dr. Tamara Paunović

• Financing opportunities: challenges and opportunities (EU and national funds) – Prof. Dr. Viktor Nedović

• Results of practical exercises

• Trends in fruit and vegetable consumption and consumer behavior – Prof. Dr. Vlade Zarić • Final discussion and certificate award ceremony

• Industry visits